A Winning Mindset

A winning mindset is an attitude that lets you believe it is not only possible to achieve success (whatever that means to you), but that it is a slam-dunk done deal. This powerful mindset is one of the best assets that anyone can have, whether you are playing sports, running a company, raising a family, or simply going about the business of creating a joyful life.

A Winning Mindset Includes “Win-Win”

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Winning doesn’t mean someone else loses. In fact a win-win outcome is the best form of success, and a winning mindset can be focused on success not only for yourself, but for everyone you interact with.

In some situations, it is easy to find this benefit for everyone in an outcome. Let’s say you are a wedding planner, and you get a contract to arrange a very large wedding. You obviously win by getting the business to begin with, and then you win by enjoying the work, having the opportunity to develop many relationships, and experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done.

You can also win further by making loads of contacts at the wedding, and getting more bookings for future events. There could even be media coverage of the wedding with free publicity for you, which leads to interviews, and consulting work for some major companies.

The couple whose wedding you plan also win by having the event that they dreamed of, enjoying the process of working with you, feeling relaxed and well taken care of, creating life-long memories, and experiencing pride at being able to introduce you to their family and friends.

Then of course, there is benefit to the multitude of businesses whose products and services are used for the event, and the new clients who have the good fortune of meeting you and having the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Sometimes It Looks Like “Win-Lose”

There are other situations, such as a sporting match, or a business situation in which you have to beat your competitor in order to win, where it seems that someone has to lose. Part of a winning mindset is in being able to recognize the benefit or the “win” in situations that may not appear to be ideal.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill’s quote about success, part of winning can be moving joyfully from one “loss” to another. The way to do this is by recognizing that each experience offers valuable learning and can move you closer to the outcome you desire.

Of course, this is not to say that you can’t feel disappointment from time to time. All feelings are valid, and denial or suppression is an unhealthy way of dealing with negative emotions.

It is normal to take a little time to recover from an unsuccessful attempt at something you care about, but the key is not to stay in that disappointed state for too long, but to move forward with a “Now what?” attitude.  

Think of Edison with his one thousand attempts at inventing the light bulb, and his epic statement that he didn’t fail a thousand times, but discovered a thousand ways that didn’t work. He clearly did not spend much time wallowing in disappointment or discouragement, but kept on rolling up his sleeves, and getting on with his next effort.

Winning Can Be Found Everywhere

Winning is not only big victories, which can be infrequent, but in small everyday successes and pleasures.

Winning is counting your blessings, and appreciating them on a regular basis. If you celebrate a big win, you may experience a brief burst of elation, but the feeling can pass very quickly.

Don’t wait for big successes to enjoy the joyful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

A true winning mindset is feeling like a winner just because you have the chance to play in the game of life. It is also recognizing that if you are living your life in a way that feels good to you, you are winning.

An Instant Win

A winning mindset feels great, which means that by developing and nurturing this type of attitude, you are already winning, simply by being able to enjoy your own state of mind.

Imagine going through each day, noticing how fortunate you are, how beautiful the world around you is, how well people treat you and how everything always works out for the best (even when it might not appear that way initially).

Wouldn’t you rather do this than to spend your time focused on doom, gloom and negativity?

Again, this doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong to feel negative emotions, but that an attitude which is predominantly focused on what’s right, good and optimistic is just so much more uplifting and helpful.

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