What you think you become

What you think you become. This is a phrase which has been attributed as a quote to various sources, including Buddha, and there is some debate about who actually said it. The premise however, that ‘what you think you become,’ is at the basis of both the Law of Attraction, and the role of mindset in creating your own reality.

A variation on this phrase comes from Oprah Winfrey, who said “You become what you believe, not what you think or what you want.” I agree with this in the sense that thinking a thought fleetingly, or sporadically does not give it enough momentum to start the process of shaping your “becoming.”

A thought must be thought consistently and with conviction to become a belief, and beliefs have a lot of power. Your beliefs make up your mindset, and your mindset is the single biggest factor in determining whether or not you become as happy and successful as you want to be.

thoughts are the basis of your reality

 While there are various stages that happen between thinking a thought once, and you becoming the fully manifested real-life version of that thought, thoughts are the building blocks of your reality.

To further break down Oprah’s statement, what you want can also be an important component of what you become, providing that you don’t contradict your desire by habitually thinking in opposition to it.

Wanting something to happen in your life is a big part of it actually happening. Your desire creates a point of focus, and forms part of the equation of you being able to actually realize that desire.

When you know what you want, you need to then train your thinking to hope, believe and eventually come to a point of knowing that what you want is possible.

Thoughts are the basis of feelings, beliefs, mindset, and the way we allow Law of Attraction to work either for us or against us.

how do you become what you think?

There are several ways in which your life is shaped by the thoughts you think.

Thoughts influence your attitude and your actions, and these can have a big effect on the way your life plays out from day to day. If you think that you are capable of doing something, you are more likely to give it a whole-hearted try, and as a result experience possible success with the outcome.

Thoughts also affect the way that you see yourself, and the way you portray yourself to the world. If you have confident thoughts, you feel and act more confident, which in turn inspires other people’s confidence in you.

What’s more, your thoughts influence the way Law of Attraction responds to you. If you have consistent thoughts and feelings of success, people and circumstances that are a match to these thoughts will find their way to you.

On the other hand, if your thoughts are mostly negative and fearful, you tend to attract experiences that reflect these types of thoughts and feelings.  

what you think you become .... clear or conflicted

There is a very common trap that people fall into, which is thinking a thought about something they want, immediately followed up with a thought about why they can’t have it.

Imagine yourself in this scenario. You spend half your time thinking about the success that you want to have in your acting career, and the other half thinking about how hard it is to get a break as an actor.

In fact, if you are like most people, it might be more like twenty percent of the former, and eighty percent of the latter.

If we apply the principal in this case that what you think you become, what is it that you are becoming?

The best case is you are probably becoming a frustrated actor who wants success, but thinks it is unlikely.

To become the successful actor that you want to be, you need to tip the balance towards thinking more about your impending success, and less about the difficulties you may face.

Then you reach a position where the premise of what you think you become can work for you, as you are spending most of your time thinking about what you want to become.

what you think you become, so train your thinking

If you are like most people, then what you think is probably a mix of positive and negative thoughts; a combination of deliberate thoughts, and old habits of thinking. What this means is that what you become is also a combination of what you want to become and what you don’t want.

It may also feel that things in your life are not changing at all, and this is largely because you keep thinking, feeling and doing mostly what you have been thinking, feeling and doing. As a result, your life is becoming a real-life replica of the movie Groundhog Day. It keeps giving you more of the same!

If you want to take more control of the way that your life evolves, you need to start by training your thinking. The articles “How to Have Positive Thoughts,” “How to Control Your Thoughts,” and “Get Rid of Negative Thoughts” offer practical ways of training your thinking.

Does the idea that what you think you become feel worrisome to you because your thoughts are not aligned with what you want to become? Then make a decision to start training your mind to work for you, and begin taking one step at a time in the direction where more of your thoughts feel good to you and can help create a matching good-feeling reality.

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