What Does Success Look Like?
A Joyful Life Experience

What does success look like, really? Is it a big fat paycheck, and an impressive job title? Is it a beautiful home and a flashy car? Is it an enviable relationship and bright children? Is it a wall full of awards and diplomas?

While all of these things are great if you want them, and they may constitute part of your personal experience of success, none of them truly provide a substantial answer to the question of what does success look like.

What Does Success Look Like For Me?

The points that follow offer my beliefs on the question of what does success look like. There are many aspects to success, but most of them are much more about the feelings, and less about the physical manifestations. The materialization of everything that represents a successful life is simply a natural result of the feelings of success and fulfillment that are created and sustained. It is impossible to maintain a feeling of enormous well-being, without life reflecting that feeling back to us in the form of circumstances and events.

Success Is a Journey

Many people believe that when they reach a certain point, they will be successful and happy. In fact, success is more about feeling great on the way to that place, as when we get there, we find that the majority of the joy and satisfaction was in the travel, not in the getting there, and we then immediately begin planning the next destination and the next.

Success Is a Mental Attitude

If you feel successful, you are. It’s as simple as that.

There are people who have achieved enormous wealth and acclaim, but don’t enjoy it, worry it may disappear, or feel that it is not enough. These people are not successful.

Then there are people who feel enormous satisfaction from doing simple tasks, and living in ways that others may consider to be less than ideal. These people have discovered one of the most important answers to ‘What does success look like?’

Of course these are simply examples; there are also people with great material success who truly are successful because they love their lives.

The circumstances are far less relevant to whether or not a person is successful than having the mindset of joy and success.

Success Is a Way of Living Joyfully

If you are experiencing substantial joy in each and every day, no matter what you are doing, and you are making a point of spending time doing as many things as possible that encourage that feeling of joy, then you are successful. If you are having this experience in your life, then you really don’t need to ask ‘What does success look like?’ You know!

Success Is As Individual As You Are

There is no one way to live a successful life. As the idiom goes, ‘One man's meat is another man's poison.’ What feels like enormous success to someone else may be completely different than what constitutes success for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or does. The only way to experience true success is to focus on living your life in the way that feels really good to you.

Success Is Taking One Small Step Forward At a Time, and Doing It Continuously

When you are consistently doing things that are moving you in the direction you want to go, you are already experiencing an important part of the answer to ‘What does success look like?’ In creating steady momentum and consciously journeying along your path, you are living your life as it is meant to be lived.

Success Is Making Today As Good a Day As You Can

A big part of success is to make the very best of whatever is happening in your life right now. At times, when things are tough, maybe the best that you will be able to do is to get through the day with the hope that things are going to get better. If this is as good as your day can feel right now, then that is enough.

That is success, and this effort will create momentum which will make it easier to find better and better feelings, and allow better and better days to follow. As the saying goes, ‘the better it gets, the better it gets,’ so getting onto this positive cycle represents success and will lead to more and more success.

Success Is Making One Thing In Your Life Just A Little Bit Better Than It Was Yesterday

Making practical changes in your life; slowly and gradually, one step at a time puts you firmly on the path of living a successful life.

Success Is Following Your Heart

When you trust the guidance of your intuition, and allow yourself to move in the direction that it is leading you, regardless of the opinions of others, you are profoundly living the answer to what does success look like?

Success is a choice, and in every moment that you choose to listen to your deep inner knowing, and to keep moving forward persistently and joyfully, success is yours.

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