Thinking big holds a lot of power which can be harnessed if we understand how it works. Our thoughts and beliefs form the blueprint which creates our reality.

If we accept this premise, then it stands to reason that if we want to live big, full, happy and satisfying lives, we must first be able to imagine these lives.

It also makes sense that if our thoughts create our reality, then thinking small or thinking negatively is going to produce results in our lives that we will be less than thrilled with.


According to Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it," and to a large degree, the reverse also applies. If you can't dream it, you can't do it.

It is very unlikely that you will suddenly find yourself living a reality that is far beyond the realm of what you would ever have thought possible.

In fact, if this were to happen, you would likely find yourself feeling so uncomfortable, that you would (probably unconsciously) sabotage the new reality to allow your life to return to a more comfortable state. Think of lottery winners who, a couple of years later, have managed to wind up right back where they were financially before the big windfall turned their reality upside down.


This could be seen as a vote of confidence for gradual rather than overnight success, however, the success itself is not the issue, but rather, the mindset. If we were able to create and sustain a mindset where our mental reality and level of comfort were miles away from our current physical reality, then we would be able to step into sudden and dramatic change with relative ease.

However, the "catch" here is that when we are gradually and consistently training ourselves into the magic of thinking big, our physical reality has a way of keeping up.

When we think and believe for a while that our lives can go from A to B, the reality will comply. It does not wait until we have trained ourselves into believing we can move from A to Z before it shifts. And this is a good thing.

The physical evidence of our mental efforts is encouraging and gives us greater motivation to keep moving forward, and belief that we are on the right track.


The first step to creating any kind of results in our lives is to train ourselves to imagine these results as a reality. By using the power of our minds, we can create the mental blueprint of any type of circumstances that we wish to experience in our lives, and by focusing with determination on this picture and allowing it to become "real" in our minds and our emotions, we enlist the help of one of the most powerful laws of the universe - the Law of Attraction.

The emotional reaction you have to your mental pictures is extremely important. If imagining yourself living in a beachfront mansion evokes feelings of excitement, then you are tapping into the magic of thinking big.

However, if this vision makes you feel doubtful, deprived, and a million miles away from what you imagine living there would feel like, using your imagination in this way is not yet serving you.


If you are finding it difficult, or impossible to picture yourself living the life of your dreams, then start by just thinking slightly bigger than what you have been currently thinking and living.

Rather than trying to see yourself in a beachfront mansion, when you are currently living in your parents' basement, try picturing yourself finding a cute studio apartment.

Likewise, if you have just experienced a dozen awful dates, don't try and visualize your dream wedding. See yourself having a less awful date; perhaps not feeling any sparks flying, but just having a good conversation and a few laughs. Maybe making a new friend.


Another thing to take into consideration as you begin training yourself into the magic of thinking big, is that you may have beliefs that are contrary to the new images you want to create for yourself.

Perhaps you don't believe that you can have success or wealth, or that you deserve to be happy. When you become aware of beliefs that are holding you back, it is important to take the time to release and replace these beliefs.

Gradual re-training beliefs through affirmations can be very effective. Remember to be patient, and if you feel like you could use some support, encouragement and guidance, contact me about some personal coaching.

a final word

An open mind to the possibility of harnessing the magic of thinking big, a willingness to try, and to keep trying - step by step - to move in the direction you want to go, and a desire to believe that life is supposed to be fun are all you need to begin creating a truly magical reality for yourself.

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