The power of your thoughts
is a force worth harnessing

The power of your thoughts in creating your reality is a very important topic to consider, as understanding this concept is the very basis of true empowerment and success.

If we accept that our thoughts are the foundation of everything in our lives; what we have, what we do, who and what comes into our experience, we are then able to control our lives from the inside out.

misusing the power of your thoughts

Most of us are not that good at consciously using the power of  our thoughts.

Rather than disciplining our thoughts to focus on what we want to experience in our lives, thereby attracting these desired conditions, we focus endlessly on what we don't want in our lives, and obsess about what is wrong, how much we don’t like it, and why it needs to change.

In this attention to the unwanted aspects of our lives, we are unwittingly attracting more of what we don’t want, and the cycle continues.

trying to control the conditions of life

We often spend our lives trying to control the circumstances, events and people around us, believing that this is the way that we can affect our experience of life, and usually realizing that this is simply a recipe for frustration.

In fact, the only thing that you can control is your own thoughts, and learning to do this is all you need to do, as your thoughts are powerful.

If you give credit to the situation rather than accepting that what is happening is simply an indication of the power of your thoughts, you may find yourself feeling powerless and tossed around by the winds of chance.

negative attraction

When you try to affect external factors, especially while you are bemoaning the fact that you don’t like this, that, and the other about the way these factors are playing out around you, you are not only failing to harness the power of your thoughts, but in effect, you are using this power to create more of what you don’t want.

You are (probably) unconsciously using the power of your own mind against yourself, and if you can become aware of this, you can make a conscious decision to begin deliberately using your most powerful asset to allow you to live life the way you want, and are meant to live it.

thoughts create feelings

One of the key elements in understanding the power of your thoughts is that your thoughts create your feelings.

Your feelings signal whether your thoughts are in alignment, or lack of alignment, with the best of yourself and what you truly want. If you are mostly thinking thoughts that are uplifting and affirm that what you want is coming, you very likely feel great.

If you are being critical of yourself in your mind, and thinking doubtful, fearful or judgmental thoughts about yourself and what you desire, you probably don’t feel so good.

feelings indicate vibes

Feelings also let us know what kind of vibrational output that we are emitting to the world around us.

We have all met people that just gave us ‘bad vibes,’ for no apparent reason, and the reason is that their energy field (as a result of their thoughts and feelings), was in a place that made them a poor match to whatever we wanted to encounter at that time.

vibes attract experiences

If you have any doubt about the attraction power of your vibes, then consider the almost tangible neediness that emanates from someone who desperately wants a lover and doesn’t believe they can find one.

On the flip side, think of the absolute confidence of someone who just knows that everything is going their way, and the fact that everything does!

benefit from the power of your thoughts

The way to train the power of your thoughts to your advantage is to think enough thoughts that allow you to feel the way you want your life experience to feel, and to do it often enough that these feelings become natural to you.

The thing is, that this can take a bit of doing. Most of us are so used to just thinking by default, and thinking whatever thought seems like a natural response to whatever we are seeing.

bad habits of thought

Thinking by default is a treacherous habit, as most of these habitual thoughts don’t feel good.

We are so conditioned away from thinking thoughts that feel good, that often we are uncomfortable in pondering good things, and it feels more ‘normal,’ to look for what’s wrong and bad in a situation.

In fact, we are often addicted to dwelling on real or imagined problems rather than wonders and possibilities. This is a big factor in why the news tends to be full of bad stuff.

creating new habits of thought

Breaking out of these habits is no different to changing any habit. The first step is awareness that what you have been doing is not serving your best interests.

You then need to decide that you want to change this habit, and that you are ready and willing to begin the process of replacing this old habit with a new one.

Then, preparation is important.

You need to start stocking up your mental supply of tricks and techniques that you can implement at times when you notice that you are reverting to old habits of thought.

getting out ahead of challenges

It is also important to practice these techniques at times when it is easier to do so.

When you are alone, and things are going smoothly, you can spend time using affirmations, visualization, looking for positive aspects, giving the benefit of the doubt, shifting your focus to another subject, or imagining best-case scenarios.

Then when you are in more stressful situations, or interacting with others, and your ability to focus your thinking is more challenged, you are already a bit more experienced in applying an alternative to thinking thoughts that drag you down.

be patient

It takes time and it takes practice. There will be set-backs and slip-ups, and it is important not to become overly discouraged, or to beat yourself up over these.

Think of someone who is trying to quit drinking. It is obviously going to be harder to have an iced tea instead of alcohol when they are at a big party where the champagne is flowing, than when they are at a PTA morning tea.

Likewise, if you are in the middle of a fiasco at work where your boss is yelling at you, it will be harder to find a better feeling thought than if you are playing with your new kitten.

don't overthink it

One final thing to understand about the power of your thoughts is that the benefit of this power does not come by obsessively thinking about what you want to experience in your life and trying to will it into being.

This, in fact, tends to achieve the opposite result of what you are seeking, as this focus on what you want and the current absence of it simply reinforces the absence, and prevents the presence.

the greatest power of thoughts

The greatest power of thoughts comes from their ability to make us feel happy in the present moment.

This is all they need to do, as feeling happy right now is what life is really all about, and if we string together enough of these moments of feeling happy, everything good in terms of physical reality will flow effortlessly into our lives; moment by moment and thought by thought.

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