The Power of Belief 

The power of belief can be witnessed by looking at any story of success.  Have you ever heard of anyone achieving something remarkable, while doubting that it could be done, or that they were capable of doing it? The people that really live extraordinary lives don’t just believe they can, they know it!

Think about your own life. What are the aspects that are going really well? If your career is skyrocketing, I guarantee you had a belief that you could and would excel in your work, and that this belief started long before the accolades and promotions started rolling in.  

The Power of Belief Can Also Work Against You

Negative beliefs have power too. If you are totally convinced that you are inadequate in some way, without a doubt, you are currently living the evidence of this belief. When you expect to be rejected or dumped, isn’t that what keeps happening?

Since beliefs have so much power, isn’t it time to start consciously choosing where to apply that power?

Why Are Beliefs So Powerful?

Beliefs have strong energy that is created by a lot of focus, attention and repetition to a particular train of thought. Passing thoughts don’t have a lot of energy, but if you continue to think them, pretty soon they start to become beliefs, which have a huge amount of influence over the way you live.

Beliefs Affect Our Decisions

The first area where the power of beliefs starts showing up is in the decisions that you make. This could be something simple like whether or not you are going to attend a party you are invited to. If you believe that parties are boring or that you are not good in social situations, you will probably decide not to go. And even though there is a chance of that party being less than fabulous, or you feeling awkward, there is also a chance that you might have fun, or even meet someone really great.

Bigger decisions are also influenced by beliefs. If you don’t go for the interview for that dream job because you believe there are other people better qualified than you, you will have a zero percent chance of landing the job. By adjusting your belief to a slightly more optimistic version, such as “I’ve got nothing to lose, and at least I’ll gain interview experience,” you already raise your chances somewhat.

Beliefs Direct Our Actions

When you believe that you have what it takes to achieve your desire, this belief will help you to take the actions that lead you towards your goal. A decision must be followed with action, and when everything is pointing in the same direction, it is much easier to not only make clear and helpful decisions, but to put them into action.

In the previous example, a belief in your eventual career success can lead you to attend that interview, to ask for feedback, to work on the points you are told need improving, to continue looking for more opportunities, and to follow through on them.

While action is not the only ingredient needed for success, it is definitely an important part of the equation. When you believe that you can have what you want, the energy of the belief can provide a huge boost to your motivation, making the actions easier to take and more effective.

On the other hand, negative beliefs that contradict what you really want also affect the action you take. These beliefs can either keep you from taking action at all, and feeling stuck or paralyzed, or can propel you into action that leads you in the direction you don’t want to go.

Beliefs Help with Persistence

Another area in which you can benefit from the power of belief is in being able to take the consistent action that is needed to bring about the results you want. When you are convinced that you really are going to get to where you want to go, it makes it much easier to continue putting one foot in front of the other, and moving steadily towards your goal.

If you are unsure that you can achieve what you want, it is so much easier to give up when it seems to be taking too long, or the going gets tough.

Let your beliefs give you the stamina to keep on keeping on!

Belief Breeds Confidence

When you believe in yourself and your dreams, this belief creates a level of confidence that is very powerful. Having confidence in yourself is hugely beneficial in being able to live your best life.

Belief also attracts confidence from others, who are way more likely to believe that you can do something when you believe it yourself. Nobody wants to hire someone who “thinks” they can do the job. They want the person with a winning mindset who knows they can!

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