The growth mindset focuses strongly on the principle that while growth is inevitable, conscious growth is the key to a fulfilled life.

Growth is a force of nature, and we are constantly evolving and changing, whether we like it or not.

The difference is that by being aware of the fact that we must grow, and that we can take control of the direction and speed of our growth, we can deliberately take charge of our development.

We can cultivate our lives into magnificent blooms, rather than allowing ourselves to become untended and neglected plants.


A major benefit of the growth mindset is that it encourages you to explore and incorporate into your life more of the things which can bring you joy and aliveness. Things which are all too often pushed aside in the treadmill so many people find themselves stuck on.

Another very important aspect of the growth mindset is openness to identifying and learning to break through the limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and self-defeating habits that may be holding you back from the life and the growth that you want to experience.


While choosing growth and conscious change is clearly the way forward, it is something that can be challenging and uncomfortable at times.

Because growth requires breaking out of our comfort zones, and exploring new ways of thinking and doing things, many of us tend to balk at, or resist, the process of growth at times.

To develop your growth mindset, you need to find the courage you possess within to face these challenges, and to break through old barriers and discover new territory.


To achieve the greatest positive growth, as with growing flowers, we need to give ourselves what we require to thrive.

If we do not give ourselves what we need to flourish, we can very easily end up feeling stunted and withered, rather than blossoming.

Below are five key areas for creating a life that supports maximum growth and fulfillment.


The majority of us tend grow best, and be happiest, in the fertile soil of positive surroundings. While we can’t discount the hardy blooms that manage to flourish even in the harshest location, most of us do best by creating surroundings that are pleasant and uplifting.

A lot has been said and written about the positive effects of things like taking a plant or some posters to work, listening to soothing music, and reducing clutter. Even if we find ourselves currently planted in less than ideal ground, there is almost always something we can do to make our surroundings better.

At times we may need to plan a transplant to a more nurturing environment, but initially taking some short term measures to improve our current situation is almost always a good idea.


An absolute necessity for growth is the water of having our basic material needs met. Before we can focus on developing ways to expand our ability to thrive, and live fully and joyfully, we need to tend to our essential physical requirements.

Making sure that you are getting healthy food and enough rest and exercise sets a vital foundation for nurturing the growth mindset.

This is not to say that you need to be an Olympic athlete or a total health nut to be able to attain wonderful personal growth.

 However, if you are eating only fast food, living a totally sedentary life, and tending to sleep too much or too little, you are not likely to be in a good place mentally or physically to tackle the deeper aspects of personal growth.


The nourishment of encouragement is another crucial thing we need to give ourselves to achieve the most growth and well-being in our lives.

Encouraging yourself in the development of your growth mindset, as well as the actual growth that you are experiencing, can be done in many different ways.

Noticing and taking the time to appreciate every small step forward is a great way to nourish your growth.

You can also talk to other people who are developing their own growth mindset, either people in your life, or through online communities such as forums.

Reading inspiring books and articles, and getting some mindset coaching can also provide great “food” for growth.


The sunlight of awareness and understanding is vital to our growth.

Without this sunlight, not only do we grow less, but we often don’t even see what is not working in our lives.

Cultivate awareness and you will find that conscious growth becomes a natural part of everything you do.


There are many weeds that can get in the way of ongoing development of the growth mindset, and they can continue to pop up at any time, no matter how good we have become at nurturing our gardens.

These weeds can take the form of doubt, fear, self-criticism, and negativity from those around us.

By noticing these weeds, and removing them before they can take root firmly, we can keep our growth on a clear and steady path.

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