THE courage to succeed

The courage to succeed can be surprisingly difficult to find, and the main reasons that success takes courage may also be different from what you expect.

Often people think that the practical action part of the road to success is what requires courage. After all, to succeed, it is likely that you will be facing challenges, and pushing yourself way beyond your comfort zone on a regular basis. This is certainly true. To embark on the journey to success does indeed take daring as well as determination. And every step along the way will call upon our reserves of courage, as we face a steady climb of often increasingly challenging terrain.

The biggest challenge, however, for most people in finding the courage to succeed is accepting that it is right and good to want and achieve success.

assess your attitude to success

One way to see where your level of comfort lies in terms of success is to try picturing yourself experiencing the rewards of the achievement that you are seeking.

How does that feel?

Are you happy and excited, and able to literally feel how satisfying your success will be, and accept it as well-deserved?

Or does it make you feel at all uncomfortable, unworthy, disloyal to family or friends that have not reached the same level of success?

Are you even able to picture it at all?

obstacles to success

A strong indication that you need to work on your attitude to success is that even listening to stories of other people’s success makes you feel uncomfortable, resentful, or deeply jealous.

These reactions are a sign that you are not in a mental and emotional place where you are able to believe that success is good, that it is available to everyone - just like sunlight and oxygen, that it is unlimited, and that no-one else can get your success and your success cannot detract from anyone else‘s, that you deserve it, and that you can have it.

Mental blocks are the biggest barrier in developing the courage to succeed, and they are very powerful blocks indeed. Not only will these kinds of beliefs stop you from reaching the success you desire, but often, they will prevent you from even beginning the journey.

roots of these mental blocks

So what are the things that create barriers in finding the courage to succeed?

There are plenty of variations, and the beliefs often hold traces of individual experiences, but the major factors tend to fall into a few areas.

One very powerful deterrent is the sense that in allowing ourselves to succeed, we would be in some way betraying our parents or other family members who did to dare to succeed themselves, and therefore have lived their lives with a level of struggle or frustration. Although this may seem silly on the surface, we so very often hold ourselves to unspoken and unconscious vows that go back as far as our childhoods.

the courage to succeed might change our relationships

Another reason we may not dare to succeed is that we fear we will lose the love and support that we currently have from our families and friends.

If we become successful, those people on whom we rely may see us in another way, and withdraw from our lives, or treat us differently.

In some ways, this is a fear that has some basis in reality. If we are currently used to playing the role of the struggling artist, or the ditzy daydreamer, then our loved ones are obviously used to responding to us in these roles, and perhaps bailing us out.

If we find the courage to succeed, we will obviously have to allow these relationships to change and grow, and we need to trust that while the practical dynamics will have to shift, the love and support can be shown and received in other ways.

having the courage to succeed may attract negative attention

One more thing that we may fear if we dare to succeed is that others who are less successful will resent or envy us.

This is also a fear that can be based on fact.

Just as we may have been holding ourselves back from success for a variety of reasons, and sometimes look to blame others as an excuse for why we are not successful, there are other people in our lives who will use anyone who is doing better than they are as a similar excuse.

The thing to realize is that it is their issue not yours, and it not personal.

Keeping yourself in a pattern of frustration and lack of fulfillment in order not to be a target of envy from those who are keeping themselves in the same miserable pattern is no more logical than keeping yourself in a chronic pattern of unhealthiness so as not to be resented by sick people.

overcoming negative internal dialogue

We may also be holding ourselves back from the success that we want and deserve because we have been told by others at some stage in our lives, and kept repeating to ourselves ever since,  that we will never amount to anything.

Especially if the person or people saying these harmful words were close to us, and if the words were uttered repeatedly, it can be very difficult not to take them to heart.

Especially for someone with low self esteem, the tendency can be to believe that others know more than we do.

Someone with a stronger sense of self-confidence may have been able to either ignore these words, or use them as powerful fuel to prove those naysayers wrong.

However, if you are one who has been affected by the discouragement of others, it is never too late to start replacing those painful and erroneous beliefs with new positive and empowering ones.

find the courage to succeed

If there is something in your life that you truly want to experience, that is the absolute indication that it is good and right for you to experience it. Rather than allowing fears or beliefs to hold you back from moving towards what you want, take the time to figure out exactly what these obstacles are, and work out how to release and replace them; to disengage yourself from their grip, so that you are free and ready to dare to succeed.

The courage to succeed helps you overcome fears and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

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