Mindset Training Power-up Program

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The mindset training series “Master Your Destiny” is a four-part audio course which provides the content of this four-week mindset power-up program. A program which is designed to help you harness the power of mindset, and propel you into a whole new level of empowerment.

You are just one month away from being able to confidently take charge of your own mindset more effectively than ever before, and as a result being well on the way to becoming a masterful creator of the destiny you desire.

If you are unsure whether mindset training with me is right for you, take the free mindset quiz first (button on left). This quiz will help us find out whether we are a great match for working together.   Amanda

Mindset Training Program Content:

Part 1 of the course is "Creating the Vision." In this session, you will discover why creating a vision is so vital to living a full and joyful life. We also look at why not having a vision can keep us stuck, and what prevents so many people from mastering this vital step.  Together, we plan ways to transform any obstacles that may be holding you back from daring to dream big and shoot for the moon.

Part 2 is "Assessing the Starting Point." In this session, we discuss why having a clear and realistic understanding of where you are right now is essential in preparing for the journey to where you want to go. You will learn practical tips and techniques for assessing your starting point, and understanding the relationship between the points of the journey that you are embarking on.

Part 3 is entitled "Making the Decision," and in this session we will explore the importance of a decision point, how to reach that point, and some surprising misconceptions about decisions. We implement decision making techniques, and discuss how to avoid pitfalls that you may experience around making your decision.

Part 4 is "Plotting the Course," and this is where all the preparation of the first three parts coalesce into creating a concrete 'travel plan.' Learn ways of planning an action course that will take you the fastest, most effective way to where you want to go.

This Powerful Mindset Training Program Includes:

  •       Four one-on-one training sessions via Zoom (40 minutes each) - each applying the contents of one part of the series
  •       MP3s of the four-part audio series “Master Your Destiny”
  •       Pre-session preparation for each session
  •       Post-session follow-up from each session
  •       Email support

All for the cost of $397USD.

Payments are processed safely and securely through Paypal.

Upon receipt of your payment, I will contact you to arrange our session schedule.

I look forward to working with you, and witnessing you seeing the amazing difference that mindset training will make for you.

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