Mindsettable mindset quiz

This mindset quiz is designed to help assess your overall mindset and the various individual aspects of your mindset which are helpful to you or holding you back.

Just answer the questions below, and submit it for your personal feedback from me. You will also receive any relevant updates that can help you with your mindset specifically.

Mindset quiz - groundwork questions

The first question in the quiz assesses your general outlook on the importance of mindset. There are no right or wrong answers; this quiz is simply to help you in figuring out the role mindset plays in your life, and the ways to optimize this if you want to.

The next question in the mindset quiz helps to determine the way/s that your mindset has primarily been shaped up to now. This allows you to assess whether these ways have been effective for you, or whether there are things you might like to try differently moving forward.

Mindset quiz - specific aspects of your mindset

The following questions are pinpointing specific areas of your mindset that are either empowering to you, or holding you back. This is very important information to have when moving ahead in the mindset training process.

Mindset quiz - assessing your willingness to build or change your mindset

The final questions of the mindset quiz are designed to help you understand how ready and willing you are to keep moving forward in the development of your mindset. Again, there is no right or wrong. This is mainly just about creating awareness.

With that said, dive into the mindset quiz below. The more detail you can provide, the better personalized quiz feedback I will be able to give you.

:) Amanda

Mindsettable Mindset Quiz

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