Essentially, mindset meaning when compared to the meaning of thinking is like climate in comparison to weather. Storms come and go, just like thoughts do, but if a certain place has a wet climate, this is a pervasive condition. Similarly, we all experience negative thoughts from time to time, but a negative mindset means that this general view of life is a person’s default setting.


A mindset is a fixed set of beliefs and attitudes that have typically been developed over a long period of time. Mindset meaning, as the word itself implies, is a state of mind that is set or unchanging.

According to Lexico, mindset means "the established set of attitudes held by someone."


The beliefs that make up your mindset all started somewhere, and it really isn’t even that important where they started. The point is that for them to have developed to the degree where they have become “beliefs,” which sound and are so much more concrete than just “thoughts,” you have practiced thinking them a lot.

Another interesting aspect in the creation of mindset is that what we believe tends to become true in our reality. As I mentioned in the article, Mindset Is Everything, our prophesies self-fulfill.


We believe something, we attract the very thing that we believe in, even if it is the opposite of what we want, and then we take this as proof of the validity of the original belief. We then continue to think and believe it, and it becomes increasingly stronger and more set in our minds.

When we don’t get the job that we have been telling ourselves and others "I haven’t a hope of getting even though I desperately want it," we then declare, “See! I knew I couldn’t get a job that good.”

By doing this, we reinforce the part of our mindset that tells us we are less qualified or capable than others, good jobs are hard to get, or that we can’t have what we want.


It is highly likely that some of your beliefs are positive and beneficial to your overall mindset, and in this situation it is a good idea to keep them alive and well with focus and reinforcement.

However, almost all of us (dare I say all of us!!) have some beliefs that drag us down and hold us back. In the quest to create a winning mindset, these are the beliefs that we need to work on changing or replacing.


For many of us, at least some parts our existing mindset have been with us for a long time. This can be good, especially if we had the benefit of being raised with a positive, can-do attitude.

If we have been involved in personal development in any way, we may have made significant changes to our mindset already.

Even so, there is usually an area or two for most people that is especially ingrained, and hard to adjust.

This is where mindset training comes in, and it is no different to any other type of training. It requires hard work, dedication and persistence. But it is so worth it!


A fleeting thought does not become part of your mindset, unless of course, you consciously or unconsciously decide to keep thinking it.

This is an important point to keep in mind when a new thought occurs to you.

Before you spend too much time pondering the thought, ask yourself whether or not it is a match to a mindset that can lead you to success and happiness.

If not, direct your attention elsewhere. Fast!

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