Mindset is everything

Mindset is everything when it comes to living your best life. If you think this sounds like an exaggeration, think again.

Let’s consider the example of show biz.  How many fantastic actors never become successful? And why do those few superstars make it to the top, while all the others don’t?


Of course they are talented, but are they always that much more talented than many of those living in the shadows? So what really makes the difference? It is their belief in themselves, their ability, and the certainty of their success.

It is common to put extraordinary success down to luck, fate, karma or being well-connected. Another belief is that the winners persisted, while others became discouraged.

Sure, there can definitely be an element of luck within some shining success stories. And those winners may have been born into a family that knew the ‘right’ people.

However, a lucky break or a family connection can only take you so far. It might give you a foot in the door, but that could potentially translate to nothing more than jammed toes!

To build on it, you have to march through that door, head held high, declaring “Here I am!”

Yes, of course giving up is a sure-fire recipe for failure, but what is the fuel that sparks the energy to persist? It is mindset!


A success mindset is the unshakable state of mind that tells you of course you can, and will, succeed. With this mindset, it becomes easier to power ahead confidently, seizing opportunities. It makes a great opportunity feel logical, inevitable even, and not an unbelievable stroke of luck that has you feeling the need to pinch yourself.

From your own experience, who is more likely to get “all the breaks?” The person who believes that the breaks have his or her name all over them, or the one who can’t quite believe it when something good actually happens? Are you starting to see my point that really, mindset is everything?

A success mindset also provides the determination to power through obstacles and setbacks. When you are totally convinced that you will succeed, you can zoom over bumps in the road, shaken maybe, but not deterred from your course. You see a roadblock or detour as a reason to find a different route that will keep you moving in the direction you want to go, not a cause to turn around and go back to where you started.

Another reason why mindset is everything, is that having the right mindset can propel you into taking action to begin with. While persistence keeps us from giving up when the going gets tough, just getting off the starting block is absolutely vital. After all, what are the chances of success if you don’t even try?


Let’s look at the dating game. If your mindset tells you that you are almost certainly going to be rejected by the hottie who catches your eye at a party, are you likely to ask them out anyway? Probably not, and you won’t be exuding any “come and find out how awesome I am” vibes, so chances are they won’t be making a move your way either.

Even if you do summon up the courage to approach them despite your sucky mindset, not too many people are attracted by an “I’m sure you’re too good for me, but wanna go out with me anyway?” type of attitude. So, your prophesies of rejection will continue to self-fulfill.


Mindsettable is all about setting your mind in a way that works for you, rather than against you. Dive into the articles you can find on the site, and/or get some coaching from me. If mindset is everything, don’t you want to start whipping yours into shape right now?

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