As a mindset coach, my one and only goal is to help you create the mindset that can allow you to experience the success you want in every area of your life. Of course it is possible to create a winning mindset without having coaching, but working together can give you a vastly higher chance of success.

My first job is to help you to pinpoint which areas of your mindset are working for you and which ones aren’t. Once this awareness has been reached, we can make a plan to strengthen the parts of your mindset that are of benefit to you in your life, and to work on changing the aspects that are holding you back from achieving things you want.

Establishing a mindset that supports, rather than contradicts your desires is one of the most important factors in being able to realize these desires.


It is natural to have blind spots about our own lives and beliefs. Have you ever noticed that it is much easier to see what someone else should do in a situation, than when you are in the situation yourself? One big reason for this is that our judgment can be clouded by emotion and preconceptions.

The same thing applies to relying on people close to you for guidance. Their view is likely to be influenced by their own thoughts and feelings, and also by their history with you. And unless they have a lot of skill and experience in mindset training, they are no more capable of guiding your journey than you would be yourself. In fact less so! You have your own inner guidance that is of huge benefit to you when you learn to tune into and trust it.

The advantage of working with me as your mindset coach is that with the benefit of an experienced perspective and an objective point of view, I can help you to see things clearly.  


With over twenty years of training and coaching experience, backed up by vast amounts of study and research, I have developed a wealth of tools, tips and techniques for mindset training. Sharing valuable aspects of this knowledge, as well as helping you to put it into practical use, is one of the biggest parts of the work we will do together.

I know which techniques are most likely to be effective in a particular situation, and I will help you, step by step, in making and implementing plans to help you move from where you are towards wherever you want to be.

Another strength I have as a coach is that I care deeply about your success. My greatest satisfaction is in helping each of my clients to succeed, and I am very dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make that a reality. Of course, my determination will only pay off if you match it with yours! I can do it with you, but I can’t do it for you.


When I am working with a client in creating success through mindset training, my function is not always the same. In our coaching relationship, you will find that at times I can be a mentor, at other times a cheerleader, and if need be, from time to time even a drill sergeant.

Sometimes what you need from me most will be ideas, suggestions, or help in planning and assessing your progress. This is when I put on my mentor cap and we roll up our sleeves together.

 In other situations, you may really benefit from feedback on how well you are doing, and affirmation of how capable you are of continuing to move forward towards your goals. At these times, I grab my pom-poms, and give you a rousing chorus of support.

There could also be days or weeks when you are low on motivation, and you honestly just need someone to kick your butt and get you moving, and as my kids will attest, I am up for this when necessary.


We all need some help and support from time to time, and there is never a better reason to get a powerful boost than in changing the stubborn beliefs that stand between you and the life of your dreams.

There is also no time like the present to begin taking steps that can move you in the direction you truly want to go. Take the first step, and contact me about how we can work together to design a program of mindset training that will help you blast through those old barriers, and propel you forward with ease and confidence.

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