Limiting Beliefs Examples and
Ways to Change Them

Some limiting beliefs examples can help to identify the areas of your own mindset that may be holding you back from living life the way you truly want.

Limiting beliefs include any concepts that we accept as truth which center on lack or inability.

On a personal level these range from beliefs about our own mindset and ability or to choose or change aspects of what we believe, to beliefs about our own capabilities.

On a broader scale, limiting beliefs can keep us convinced that there is not enough money, health, love, or happiness to go around, and that we are unlikely to “win the jackpot” by achieving any or all of these.

We might even believe that we are being “greedy” by wanting all of them, as if by having “more than our share,” we are somehow depriving others of their share.

Limiting Beliefs Examples about Abundance

This type of limited thinking is especially common when it comes to money. When financial abundance is viewed through the lens of limitation, it appears to be a finite amount that must be shared equally lest someone miss out. So many people hold tight to concepts such as the limiting beliefs examples that follow:

“Money is a limited resource”

“I shouldn’t waste money”

“Having more means other people have less”

However, as Abraham Hicks says, “In reality abundance expands proportionally to match desire.” Logic shows us that our economy continues to expand, and that receiving, spending and sharing more adds to the flow of abundance rather than decreasing it.

Is Love Hard to Find?

Love is another area that can show us some very predominant limiting beliefs examples. How often have you or people you know uttered the words, “All the good ones are taken,” “Successful relationships are rare if not impossible,” or “I will never find what I’m looking for?”

These limiting beliefs blind us to the possibilities of actually finding what we want, and having real and satisfying relationships.

If love is something you would like more of in your life, it is well worth starting to play with ways of creating a more open mind to the possibility.

The Cycle of Beliefs and Reality

What you believe becomes your experience, although you might argue that you only believe it because it is your experience. This is pretty much a chicken-or-egg argument, because whether you started to believe in limitation before you experienced it, or experienced it and then believed it, the point is that it’s a cycle.

It keeps happening, you keep noticing that it’s happening, and this reinforces your belief that this is “how it is.” This belief keeps you from opening your mind to entertain different possibilities, or taking different actions that could produce different results. Your focus on the existing situation also makes you a match to the continuation of similar circumstances.

In other words, you are right to believe what you believe. It is clearly true, but the valid question is, do you want it to continue to be true? If you want aspects of your life to change, you have to change the beliefs that keep perpetuating these aspects.

Limiting Beliefs Examples about Mindset

Let’s start at the start and look at a couple of limiting beliefs examples about mindset and how you could work to gradually adjust these to more empowering and expansive beliefs.

My beliefs are unchangeable.” This might be further locked in with; “This is just the way it is in my family/culture/generation/religion.” If you have reached the point of at least thinking that it would be nice if your beliefs were changeable, you can seize hold of this hope as a starting place. Maybe you could try focusing on ideas such as; “What would it feel like if my beliefs were changeable?”and “There are things like a flat earth that people once believed, but now most people don’t,” or “If I could believe anything I wanted, what would that be?”

“I know my beliefs are holding me back, but I don’t know how to change them.” This belief is actually already on the right track to becoming more positive. Awareness is a huge first step, and an openness to change is also vital. To begin shifting this belief, a next step could be as simple as changing the second part to; “There are probably ways of changing them,” and further along, “It would be nice to learn ways of beginning to change them.”

Change Takes Time

Don’t try to go from zero to one hundred all of a sudden. That will just give you whiplash, and leave you feeling discouraged. You can’t change limiting beliefs all at once, but with patience and persistence, you can change them.

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