how to have positive thoughts

Knowing how to have positive thoughts is a really important skill to develop in the quest for success and happiness. Positive thoughts are the foundation of a powerful mindset that allows what you want to come to you, and helps you to keep going when the going gets tough.

A positive mental attitude is not about being relentlessly cheerful at all times, it is simply about always trying to find the good in any situation. If you look hard enough, there is always some good to be found.

how to have positive thoughts by reframing negative thinking

Unfortunately, many people are so used to seeing the negative side of a situation, that asking them to look for the positive aspects is like asking them to do a triple back-flip. They will look at you blankly and say it’s impossible for them.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I doubt any amount of physical training would have me triple flipping, but with the right mental training, anyone can learn how to have positive thoughts.

If you catch yourself thinking something like “I can’t stand thoughtless people,” one powerful way to change your thoughts is by shifting your focus. Try reframing the original thought into something positive, such as “I love thoughtful people.”

having positive thoughts is not accepting the unacceptable

When you deliberately learn how to have positive thoughts by shifting your thinking away from something you dislike, this does not mean that you are accepting or condoning unacceptable behavior.

It simply means that you refuse to allow this unwanted behavior to be your point of focus.

Of course it is true that you don’t like people behaving thoughtlessly towards you, but allowing your attention and emotions to remain centered on the negative experience is only reinforcing the unpleasantness that you felt from whatever encounter or observation triggered the initial thought.

training your focus

To effectively change your thoughts, and even more importantly the feelings created by these thoughts, you will need more than just one simple sentence.

You need to create a deliberate extended focus on the type of thoughts that produce more positive feelings than your original thought did.

Follow up your rephrased thought of “I love thoughtful people,” with more statements that allow you to really create feelings of appreciation and wellbeing.

Remember times when people have been thoughtful to you, and how good that felt.

Recall times when you have treated others thoughtfully, and the satisfaction that this gave you and them.

What happened? Who said what? Who did what? How did it feel?

List as many specifics as you can, and you will get some momentum going.

keep practicing

Learning how to have positive thoughts and feelings is a skill like any other, and takes time and repetition to develop.

This can be especially true if you are training yourself into more positive thoughts as a way of replacing old negative patterns of thinking.

Consciously changing your thoughts by deliberately using positive statements is something that needs to be done again and again.

The less-than-uplifting thought that you have just caught yourself thinking is something you have probably thought many times before, and will probably think again.

Most of our thoughts are habitual thoughts, and as such, will not be permanently replaced overnight.

change your thoughts, change your life

As you become aware of thought patterns that are dragging you down rather than lifting you up and you make a conscious decision to learn how to have positive thoughts, you will truly find that your thoughts do create your reality.

This gives you creative control over your own life, and puts you in the position of empowerment to live your life as you desire.

Discover through experience that as you learn to change your thoughts, you really will change your life!

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