HOW TO Calm YOUR mind -
10 ways to develop inner peace

Knowing how to calm your mind can create a wonderful feeling of inner peace. Peace is an absence of struggle, an absence of fear, an absence of worry, and a beautiful feeling that all is exactly as it should be.

Learning how to calm your mind and develop inner peace can help you to stay on an even keel, no matter what is going on in your external circumstances.

Does this sound too good to be true? While it may take effort and commitment to become skilled at calming your mind, it is definitely possible, and absolutely worth doing.

having a calm mind despite external chaos

Of course it is much easier to have a calm mind, and to experience inner peace when all is going well in your physical reality. The challenge is finding inner peace and cultivating it to the level where you can maintain a deep inner sense of calm, even when the world around you is in chaos.

The great thing is too, that when you are centered in a place of calm and serenity, not only do the winds around you lose their power to ruffle you too much, but your sense of peace has a calming effect on both the winds themselves, and other people in your vicinity.

1. How to Calm Your Mind through Prayer

Connect consciously with the Higher Power that is the source of all life, however you personally define this Power. Prayer does not even need to have words; it can be very powerful, simply as a feeling of gratitude and oneness. Develop your acceptance of yourself as a part of the Divine in human form. Maintain your connection with the whole of which you are a part. This allows you to function powerfully and consciously without a feeling of separation, isolation, or having to do it all by your human self.

2. Calm Your Mind through moments of silence

Silence can be deeply calming, healing and energizing, and one way to develop this practice is through a technique suggested by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This technique involves using the words of a familiar text such as a poem or prayer, and consciously slipping into the silence between words. You can do this with any text that resonates with you, and the key is to focus not on the words, but on the pause between. It is in that silence that you can experience a true connection with the essence of your inner being.

3. How to Calm Your Mind through stilling mental chatter

Learn how to calm your mind by stilling the endless mental chatter that most of us are accustomed to living with. To practice taming the ‘monkey mind,’ it is helpful to replace the thoughts which tend to run rampant in our minds by focusing on the repetition (silently or aloud) of a word, sound or phrase as a mantra. I love to use the words ‘thank you,’ ‘all is well,’ or the Sanskrit mantra ‘om,’ which represents the Supreme Being.

4. Calm Your Mind by tuning into your intuition

Learn to listen to your intuition, which is the voice of your Higher Self. As you enhance your ability to calm and still your thoughts, it becomes easier to distinguish the voice of your inner knowing. Develop your trust in your own innate wisdom, and demonstrate that trust by acting on the guidance you receive from your intuition. This helps to calm your mind because it means you don’t have to ‘figure it all out,’ which is exhausting and stressful.

5. How to Calm Your Mind by living in accordance with your values

Practice honoring your highest values in the way you live your life. In every choice, ask yourself whether the action you are about to take reflects the essence of who you want to be, and who you already are at a deep level. This calms your mind because you are eliminating the internal conflict that comes from fighting against your own beliefs.

Forgive yourself when you don’t act according to the way you know deep down feels right to you, and ask for the help and guidance of your Higher Power/Higher Self in choosing to act more authentically and consciously.

6. Calm Your Mind by connecting with nature

Trees, mountains, rivers, flowers, rocks, and the ocean have enormous healing and energizing power. When we take time regularly to be in places where nature can touch and heal our often frazzled nerves, finding inner peace becomes a lot easier.

7. How to Calm Your Mind by feeling unity with others

Enhancing your sense of connection with all of humanity can help to calm your mind and bring a sense of unity rather than disconnection or isolation.

Instead of getting caught up in the habits, actions, or external appearance of other people, practice looking for the Divine in everyone you come into contact with. Look for the essence that flows through them which is the same as that which flows through you.

8. Calm Your Mind through developing trust in the universe

Developing trust in the perfect order of the Universe is a key to calming your mind. When you learn to accept that everything is happening exactly as it should, and that you do not need to struggle, try and change things that you cannot change, or control that which you cannot control, it becomes natural for peace to flow into and through you. 

9. How to Calm Your Mind through learning to trust yourself

Develop trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. By building up your confidence that with the support of your Higher Self/Higher Power, and the guidance of your inner wisdom, you can create a solid sense of conviction that whatever situations you encounter, you will manage them from a position of clarity and inner peace. 

10. Calm Your Mind through practicing detachment

Learn to detach yourself emotionally from the daily dramas of life. Practice observing what is going on around you rather than becoming caught up in it.

Try this exercise from Leo Babauta: imagine yourself leaving your body, floating above it, and going higher until you are looking down on yourself and the world and people around you. You are an observer, not involved in the situation. As an observer, you don’t get angry or emotionally involved … you simply observe without judgment. This exercise can help you remove yourself from the heat of things and see with a greater perspective.

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