How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success? This question is worth pondering, as most of us wish to experience greater success in our lives. Understanding what success means, in real terms, is a huge first step towards attaining the success we desire.

The dictionary defines success as either the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, or the attainment of popularity or profit. These definitions are accurate enough, but in seeking to understand the true meaning of success, there are some aspects of these meanings that need to be considered.

IS the dictionary right?

The most important qualification that I feel needs to be added to the first explanation of success is that the aim or purpose must be one that is truly of our own choosing. Accomplishing an aim that is set by someone else’s standards of success will not bring the satisfaction that true success offers.

As for the second point, attaining popularity or profit is also well and good, if this is what we truly want. However, these would not be the main points for me in answering “How do you define success?” For me personally, experiencing joy and living life in the way that feels right to me are way ahead of external factors. I’m not saying that is right for everyone, it is just how I define success.


True success can be accomplished in as many different ways as there are individuals seeking this success. What feels like the pinnacle of success to me may feel totally unrewarding to you, and vice versa. Success is a deeply personal matter, and this is why what may appear to others to be enormous success in the life of someone famous is only real success if it feels wonderful to them.


I would like to suggest an answer to “How do you define success?” that is in congruence with the powerful Law of Attraction.

One of the premises of the Law of Attraction is that success can only be attracted by holding the feeling of success long enough to allow the physical manifestation of that success to follow.

Noticing the current absence of anything you are seeking to attain can only keep attracting more of that absence.

In keeping with this principle, here is my answer to “How do you define success?”  

Success is a feeling of utter satisfaction at having allowed your deepest desire to become manifested in physical reality by training yourself to expect and believe that it is possible and inevitable that you can and will have this thing you want.


It is very important to be clear about what you want, and to accept that this is a valid choice. Rather than feeling that you need to live your life according to what other people think you should do, boldly declare your own answer to “How do you define success?” The most amazing accomplishments feel empty if they are not aligned with our deepest desires.

If your greatest wish is to be rich and famous, then by all means, dream it, allow it, experience it, and enjoy it. However, your dream is to back-pack around the world, then accept that doing this is the true meaning of success for you, and ignore anyone who turns up their nose at your choice. If they were busy focusing on creating their own rich and successful life, then they wouldn’t have time or focus to be sticking their nose in your business anyway!

Keep in mind, too, that no desires are mutually exclusive. Don’t think that your backpacking dream precludes you from the rich and famous dream if they are both things you truly want. It is entirely possible to have and do both, and any others that you can conjure along the way.

Success Is A JOURNEY

It is very helpful if your answer to “How do you define success?” includes enjoying the journey along the way to the things you want.  

Recognize that every little step you take towards what you want is already part of your success, rather than waiting for the final result before you feel the reality of your achievement.

For example, try reveling in the completion of the first page of your book, instead of waiting to see it in the bookstores before you start enjoying the feeling of success.

Success breeds success, so the more you can enjoy every little piece of movement towards what you want, the more momentum you will gain.


To gain the full benefit of true success, acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality. Sure, there are loads of people and circumstances that are a part of what you achieve, but relish the important role that you play in your own success, rather than shrugging it off as chance or luck.

Failing to take the credit for what is happening in your life puts you in a position of powerlessness. Waiting for circumstances to shape your life is not the path to success.

Appreciate yourself and those around you, and reinforce your belief that you can and will continue to create, attract, and allow wonderful things in every area of your life.


With a true knowledge of your own answer to "How do you define success?" the real, genuine success that you want and deserve will not be a future dream. It will already be starting to take shape around you in this very moment.

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