helping people to succeed
creates a synergy of success

Helping people to succeed is said to be one of the best ways to attain success yourself, and I agree with this premise totally.

Whatever the area is that you yourself wish to succeed in, the way that success will come is by many people finding value in what you have to offer.

Whether you are creating beautiful art that can enhance the homes and lives of others, whether you are involved in the health profession, and are aiming to help others achieve optimal physical wellbeing, or whether, like me, you want to help others to directly understand and apply the principles of success, what you are doing is helping people succeed in some way.

Based on this fact, concentrating on providing more and more value to more and more people is a wonderful way to attain greater success in your endeavors.

a mindset of giving

It is by focusing your attention on the fact that what you are doing/offering/providing/creating is helping people to succeed in a particular area of their lives, and making that one of the most important considerations as you go about your work, you will discover you can do your best work while feeling wonderful about what you are doing.

It is a fact that we are most creative, most productive, and most alive when we are in the mindset of giving, rather than focused mainly on what we are getting.

a cycle of good

This does not mean that we shouldn’t be receiving too. Getting in return for what we give is part of the equation, and the more we give, the more we get, both in terms of satisfaction and appreciation, and also financial remuneration.

The key is though, to concentrate on the giving, which is the part that we have complete control over. This is also the way that expansion is created, and all good things are able to flow freely to us.

take your attention off the outcome

When you work with your attention focused on things like ‘What am I going to get out of this?’, ‘How many people are going to buy my product?’, ‘What are reviewers going to say about my writing?’ or ‘Am I going to become rich and successful from this idea?’ you are distracting yourself from doing your best work by concentrating on outcomes that are beyond your control. All of these questions hinge on circumstances, or other people’s reactions that you can neither predict nor direct.

focus on your input

Instead, questions such as ‘How can I make this product even more effective?’, ‘What can I add to my service to make it even more productive?’, ‘What can I do today to share more inspiration with all around me?’, ‘How can I pour more of my heart and soul into this project I love so much?’,  ‘How can I express my unique talents in new and wonderful ways?’ and ‘How wonderful do I feel helping people succeed?’ place the emphasis on the things that are totally within your control, which are primarily what you are giving, and how good you are feeling as you are putting your work out into the world. 

helping people to succeed feels great

Helping people succeed has many benefits. When you are lifting someone up, you are also elevated in the process. When you reach down to give someone a hand up, you invariably strengthen your own footing. By helping someone else to explore, express, discover, or nurture the best of who they are, this upliftment cannot help but be reflected back to you.

It also feels wonderful to know that you are doing what you came into this life experience intending to do. You came to be a shining example to others, and when you allow yourself to express this radiance, you let yourself express who you truly are.

When you are doing any less than your best, you are holding yourself back, as well as depriving those others that can benefit from the full expression of your gifts. This is a very crucial point, that you will never feel fully alive or whole unless you are expressing the full spectrum of your unique abilities.

a breeding ground for success

Another advantage of helping people to succeed is that success breeds success, and more success in the lives of those around you draws more to them and to you.

It also attracts other people who are experiencing some level of success, and are seeking to enhance this by their association with you. Becoming a part of this synergy of success is vital for all who are seeking lives of greater fulfillment.

practical advantages

On the pure ‘human nature’ side of things, when your intention is helping people to succeed, you will find that usually the people you help will be appreciative of your efforts, and will be more than willing to return the favor; now or sometime in the future.

This may be in the form of recommending your services to friends or family, introducing you to someone who can be influential to you, or assisting you in some way with your own development.

The reverse is also true, and if you are hindering rather than helping others, perhaps in the mistaken idea that life is a competition and that success is ‘dog eat dog,’ you are very likely to find that you are the one that gets eaten sooner or later.

helping people to succeed eases feelings of limitation

This idea of competition ties in with a scarcity mentality; the belief that there is a limited amount of success to be divided up, and that if someone else gets more, then someone like you will get less. This is absolutely untrue, but it is a very pervasive way of thinking among a majority of the population.

Success, like money, and happiness is a limitless and ever expanding commodity. One of the best ways to increase the amount of all of these wonderful things that come into your life is by helping people to succeed in whatever way is best in alignment with your own highest values and abilities.

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