Empowering Beliefs

Empowering beliefs lift us up and give us faith that life can be a wonderful adventure which we are capable of navigating joyfully. These powerful beliefs help us trust that we have what it takes to venture into the unknown, and to face the inevitable ups and downs with courage and optimism.

Beliefs Are Important

Beliefs have a huge impact on the way we live our lives; the choices we make, how we handle challenges, and also the reality that we create.  

Since beliefs have such a lot of influence, and assuming that all of us want to live happy and fulfilling lives, it is vital to develop empowering beliefs.

Empowering Beliefs of Courage

Beliefs that give us courage are among the most powerful that we can have. Fear is one of the most disempowering emotions, and can keep us feeling trapped and out of control.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the confidence to move forward in spite of fear, knowing that whatever happens, we will handle it.

Courage comes from finding the strength that each of us have within, and nurturing it with focus and attention.

Using Affirmations

Affirmations, which are positive statements that we deliberately and regularly repeat, are a very effective way of developing new beliefs.

One key though, in using affirmations to change beliefs is to do it gradually.

If you try affirming, “I have the courage of a warrior,” when you know that you quake inside at the slightest sense of challenge, you are definitely not going to believe it.

Try starting with something like, “Noticing that I want to have more courage is a step in the right direction.” This will not clash with your current reality, and will start opening your heart and mind to the idea of courage.

Practical Action

It is also a great idea to start giving yourself small challenges, and then giving yourself a huge amount of appreciation when you meet them.

It is equally important to be gentle with yourself if you don’t meet the challenge you have set, and to then try again tomorrow.

Optimistic Beliefs Are Powerful

Beliefs of optimism are also among the most empowering beliefs, as believing that things can be the way we want is a vital step to those desires becoming a reality.  

If you have more pessimistic tendencies, try moving ever so slightly in the direction of the positive, and see how much better it feels.

Again, doing it gradually is important. Beliefs do not change drastically or suddenly in most cases.

Just moving from “I’m never going to find a partner,” to “There are people in the world who were once lonely, and now have partners,” is enough of a shift in focus to start with.

Keep repeating the new statement until it starts to feel natural to you, and then you can move forward a little more in the direction of a belief that matches your desire for love and happiness.

Beliefs that Support Your Values

One of the most important criteria for empowering beliefs is that they need to match your values.

 If you believe that diligence is important, but you perceive yourself as lazy, this is clearly not empowering.

It is also worth noting that you do not have to change your behavior first in order to change your belief. In fact, trying to do this will most likely result in a vicious cycle that keeps you feeling powerless and like you are failing.

When you see yourself as lazy, the focus is on laziness, and behavior that matches this focus is the natural outcome.

On the other hand, if you work first to gradually adjust your belief to one of seeing yourself as capable of diligence, you empower yourself to begin acting accordingly.

What Other Beliefs Are Empowering?

Some other features of empowering beliefs are that they;

  •         Align with your desires
  •        Encourage trust and self confidence
  •         Foster resilience and acceptance of imperfection
  •         Focus on openness, eagerness and self reliance

You Can Have Empowering Beliefs

Perhaps the most empowering belief of all is the belief that you can shift out of negative thought patterns which keep you feeling trapped and dis-empowered.

While it may not be quick, and it definitely will take focus and effort, it is absolutely possible to develop beliefs that help you soar, rather than drag you down.

The process of changing beliefs starts with awareness, and desire, and then a decision to begin the journey towards a powerful positive mindset. Are you ready to make that decision?

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