Dream big! The beauty of dreaming is that we can create absolutely anything we want, instantly, in the realm of our imaginations. There are literally no limits to what you can dream up! Our dreams are not even restricted by the usual physical laws, such as gravity. In your imagination, if you want to sprout wings and fly, well, then who’s stopping you?


As human beings, we have a terrible tendency to place restrictions on ourselves. We adopt beliefs of what we can and can’t do or have, and what is or isn’t possible for us. These beliefs usually have no basis in reality, and are not supported by any scientific evidence.

If we cannot accept the possibility of having and doing whatever we truly desire in life, we are very unlikely to actually achieve these things. In the often quoted words of Henry Ford, ‘whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right.’ Well, I know what I would rather believe and be right about!

Most of us spend a great deal of time living in ways that support our beliefs. Know anyone who believes that life is tough, and that it’s impossible for them to be happy? If so, what are the odds that person is living a happy and fulfilled lifestyle?

Obstacles to DREAMING BIG

In theory, it should be easy to dream big, and create our ideal lives in our imaginations. Much easier than creating everything we want in our physical reality. After all, it’s only in your mind right? The truth is though, that the beliefs you hold onto, the same ones that can hold you back from living your dreams, can also hold you back from dreaming.

To dream big is to create a bold and vivid picture of exactly what you want, and to experience it in your mind, on a sensory level. To hear, feel, smell, touch, and taste everything that is happening in your dream. To live it, not as a fantasy for the future, but as an immediate reality.

To be able to dream big takes a conscious effort to break through the resistance we can experience as a result of negative and limiting beliefs. If you find that your attempts to visualize your life as you truly want it to be are constantly interrupted by niggling thoughts of, ‘who are you kidding,’ or ‘there’s no way that will ever happen for you- get real,’ then it is high time to do some heavy-duty mental spring cleaning.


Willing negative thoughts to disappear doesn’t usually work, and in fact focusing on them can actually increase their power. The trick to overcoming these limiting thoughts is to shift your focus onto positive ideas. Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways of doing this.

Replace your negative ideas with the convictions that you would want to have if you could choose your own beliefs. Did I catch you out there?? You can choose your beliefs!! Who else do you think should be in charge of such a vital job?

It is 100% up to you which thoughts and convictions you allow to take up residence in your mind. While it can take diligent effort to remove the negative squatters, being the watchful custodian of your own head-space is a pretty important task.


The trouble is that many people either don’t realize this, or tend to forget. Remind yourself that you are the ultimate, the only, authority on what you will choose to think and believe. Don’t allow the opinions of other people, or the media, to dictate what you accept as the truth. Rather than looking outward for guidance, turn inward, and listen to your heart and your intuition.

Equally important is to maintain control of your thoughts, rather than letting them run amok. You must be in charge. I have heard people saying that their minds have run away with them. Don’t let that happen. If your mind has tendencies to run wild, then you need to take the upper hand and rein it in. Practices of meditation, or just consciously stilling the mind, can be enormously helpful in this.


Find the courage to dream big. If you can dream it, you can do it. The first step is to let yourself dream. There is nothing to lose by dreaming big and aiming high. As Les Brown said, ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.’ In reality, you will sometimes shoot and miss. The stars are definitely not a bad place to land, but in your dreams you need not even settle for the stars. You can reach the moon every time when you dare to dream big.

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