Dare to Believe 

To dare to believe is to have the courage to choose to believe in your dreams, even when they seem impossible to people around you.

 Some beliefs are really easy to have, and require no daring, or even conscious thought. Most people take it for granted that the sun will come up every morning, that when we turn the key in the ignition, our cars will usually start, and that typing a question into Google will yield information.

The times we need to dare to believe are when we want to stretch the boundaries of what is generally considered possible, or what we have previously thought to be possible for ourselves. Many great inventors were regarded as crazy, or at least eccentric, before they actually proved to the world that what they believed in could in fact be done.

To Dare to Believe Takes Faith

To believe in something that has never been done, and that other people may believe can’t be done, requires faith. You need to be able to trust beyond the realm of physical reality, and to find ways to believe that a new reality can come into being.

It is obviously easier to believe in something that has already been done. The first time you try something new, you probably at least hope you can do it, but you don’t have proof that you can. Once you have done it a few times, believing that you can do it is so much easier.

The problem with this is that if you can’t find a way to conjure some faith in something that has not yet materialized, that thing is probably not going to materialize for you. Belief is a vital component in dreams becoming reality.

One way to nurture this faith is to find other examples of things which at one time did not exist, or that were even thought to be impossible, that are now out there in real life for all to see.

It was not that many decades ago that the impact of the Internet on our lives was unimaginable. However, the people who helped to bring it into existence did imagine it, and believe it, and eventually see it become reality.

Obstacles to Belief

Other than a lack of faith, there are a number of fears that can be barriers in your quest to dare to believe. As I mentioned in the introduction to this article, many very successful people are thought of as irrational before they prove that they were right. Fear of being thought badly of is one fear that can hold you back, and two other big ones are fear of failure and fear of disappointment.

Fear of Disappointment

Have you ever told yourself not to get your hopes up? If so, you are experiencing a fear of being disappointed, and a desire to guard against this uncomfortable experience.

The trouble is, that by holding yourself back from disappointment, you are also holding yourself back from growth, adventure, and potential success and satisfaction.

In my opinion, the only true disappointment is to miss out on opportunities in life because of fear.

You can just become kind of numb by trying to avoid disappointment, but is numb the way you want to go through life? Or are you willing to feel it all; the good and the bad?

Truth is, we cannot avoid all negative emotion anyway, so trying to do so is really a pointless exercise. Let yourself be open to possibilities, by daring to wonder, to hope and eventually to dare to believe.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a big deterrent for a lot of people. Different to disappointment, which is mostly an emotional setback, failure is often about the way the world sees you.

What if you declare that you are going to climb Mt. Everest, and then you only get half-way? What will people think of you? Will they be disappointed in you? Will they doubt your goals in the future? Will they mock you? Maybe.

However, is this a good enough reason to hold yourself back from living your life to the fullest, and doing your best to believe in and live out your dreams? If you are holding yourself back because of what other people might think of you, this is pretty much a guarantee of a very mediocre life.

Let me make a few statements about “other people.” First, they actually don’t care nearly as much about what you do as you probably think. They are mostly much more concerned about their own lives, and rightly so. It is each of our own responsibility to take control of our own life, and to trust others to do the same.

Next, if there are people around you that seem to be inordinately interested in what you are doing, it is very likely something that they are doing to distract themselves from what they should really be focused on - their own life!!

There are people who will crow over the failures or setbacks of others, because in some petty way, it makes them feel better about their own lives. Leave them to it. It is not your problem. Remember the quote “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Making New Choices

Train yourself to replace doubt with trust, and to practice thoughts of empowerment and possibility rather than allowing fears to guide you. Dare to believe, and watch those beliefs become your reality. As Oprah Winfrey said, “You become what you believe.”

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