Create your own reality consciously

You create your own reality, and in fact it is something that you are in the process of doing right now, whether you are aware of it or not.

The reality that you are currently experiencing is largely shaped by both the thoughts and beliefs that you hold (your mindset), and the choices and decisions that you have made.

The decisions that you make in the present are what will affect your reality in the future.

no way! i wouldn't do this to myself!

Accepting that you create your own reality may be a bit difficult to do if you are less than thrilled with the current circumstances of your life.

Many people find it easier to blame other people, life, fate, or anything else they can think of, rather than facing the fact that they are creating their own reality. However, this is a trap, because it is extremely dis-empowering.

take back your power

If someone/something else is responsible for creating your current unhappy circumstances, then you are basically stuck with these circumstances until that person or force decides to change things for you.

However, if you are willing to recognize that, through the choices you make, you create your own reality - imperfect as it may be right now, you can begin accepting your own power to create a future reality that is more closely aligned with your ideals.

be gentle with yourself as you create your own reality consciously

In acknowledging that you create your own reality, it is very important not to beat yourself up for the fact that you don’t like some of what you have created so far all that much.

Letting go of guilt over ‘wrong choices’ you have made is extremely important. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, you remain trapped in the past, and what ‘might have been,’ or ‘if only.’

What is done is done, and the choice that each of us must make now is whether or not to forgive ourselves for our perceived mistakes and move on. If we do not forgive and let go, we will continue to drag guilt and regret into the future that we are creating in this moment.

find the pearls of wisdom

We can also choose to embrace the learning that is available in each and every experience we have had, and choice we have made.

Keeping this increased understanding in mind, we can choose to start making more empowered decisions from this moment.

However, even in doing so we should try to remember that we will not always make the choices that align us with our highest good.

It is a learning process, and as imperfect human beings, we will sometimes fall back into old habits of acting out of fear rather than love and trust.

Like anything though, it gets easier with practice to create your own reality in a positive and empowered way.

verse of affirmation

The verse of affirmation below is designed to help let go of self blame, and to build a powerful positive mindset to create your own reality in a way that brings true happiness and fulfillment.

I thank myself for always doing the best that I am able to do. I am gentle with myself for whatever has gone before, and acknowledge that I did the best I was able to at that time. I am excited that I am building more strength and courage every day to make empowered choices for the future, and gaining clarity on exactly how I want to create my reality. I accept that I have the ability to create whatever I want in my life, and trust that I can experience any reality that I choose.

I am becoming clearer and more focused on what I want in my life and what is important to me. I let go of the distractions that prevent me from putting my full attention onto what really matters in my life. I allow myself to dream, and I accept that it is good, right and possible for whatever I dream to become my reality. I am releasing the doubts and fears that keep me from whole-heartedly creating the life of my dreams.

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