When you change your mindset, you literally change your world. Mindset really is that powerful, and is the single greatest factor in achieving success in anything. Your mindset is made up of the sum total of the beliefs and attitudes that you hold, as discussed in the article Mindset Meaning.

In the same way no two people are exactly alike, no two mindsets are identical. Your mindset consists of a myriad of pieces, and has been developed over the course of your lifetime.

While we can describe a mindset generally as being ‘positive,’ ‘negative,’  ‘winning’ or ‘self-defeating,’ within every mindset are a huge array of different components. In every case, some of these components are beneficial and some of them aren’t.

Another thing to consider is that some aspects of mindset are more deeply entrenched than others, depending on how long, and how frequently and strongly you have been thinking in that particular way.


With this basis, let’s dive into some initial action steps for how to change your mindset. These are also the basis for the beginning stages of my mindset training process, so let me know if you would like to work on the steps together.  


When you have decided that you want to change your mindset, the first thing you need to do is to begin to understand your mindset.

To identify the components of your unique mindset, make a list of various aspects of your reality, such as career, money and relationships, as well as intangible areas like confidence, persistence and optimism.

Write down as clearly and honestly as possible what your beliefs are in these areas, both in general terms such as “money is the root of all evil,” and from a personal perspective, like “I never have enough money.”


Taking the above example, if you are seeking to create a mindset which allows wealth and abundance, the beliefs stated are clearly in strong contradiction to your desire. Put these ones on the list of mindset aspects that need changing.

You may have written that “persistence is important to success,” and “When I decide on something I never give up.” These are great examples of mindset components that should be kept and nurtured. The only side note is that you do want to pick and choose what you set your mind on, and make sure that you are not persisting in banging your head on a brick wall!


Continuing with the example of developing a mindset conducive to abundance, ask yourself what you would like to believe in regards to wealth. Find role models who have enormous abundance and create and share it in ways that you admire. What do you think their attitudes are towards money? Write down the beliefs that you would like to have about wealth.


Take the list of mindset aspects that you want to keep, and read it frequently. Think about the ways in which you developed these beliefs and attitudes, and how you could apply these techniques to beginning to change your mindset in other areas.

Some positive beliefs may have come naturally, or have been taught to you from a young age, but there are likely to be some insights into things you can do to deliberately begin training your thinking into the direction you want.

5. Do It Gradually

You are not going to go overnight from believing that money doesn’t grow on trees to expecting a strong and steady stream of abundance flowing to you. Work on changing your negative habits of thought a little at a time.

In practical terms, start by using affirmations that are just a little bit more positive than where your beliefs are currently. Try sentences with phrases like “There must be other ways….,” “I have become more optimistic about XYZ so change is possible,” and “It would be nice to believe…”

**See the follow-up article How to Change Your Mindset for steps 6-10.

Accept the Journey

Don’t let the fact that it takes time to change your mindset discourage you from starting to work on adjusting your beliefs. As the saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

In fact, all you can ever do is take one step at a time, so don’t allow the seemingly vast distance to deter you from taking that step ..... followed by one more and one more.

If you focus on the direction where you want to go, rather than continue moving in the opposite direction or sitting still, and just keep taking one step at a time, you are certain to reach your destination.

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