To believe in your dreams is the key to allowing them to become a reality. However, if you are currently far from believing that the things you desire can actually come about, don’t be discouraged. Throwing your hands up in the air and declaring that “I am never going to believe in this impossible fantasy,” is like deciding that you will never be able to speak Chinese because you are not fluent after one lesson. Things take time and focus, and training yourself to believe in what you want is a process.

If a dream currently seems impossible to you, then clearly there is quite a gap between where you are right now and the state of being able to believe in your dream. It is completely illogical to think that you should be able to jump instantly from thinking that something is far-fetched, to being totally convinced that it really is going to happen. To begin with, just try keeping your mind open, at least a crack, rather than crushing your dreams with a whopping dose of what-is-itis.

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When your beliefs or habits of thought contradict your desires, it is not only very difficult to achieve those desires, it also feels awful. Wanting something that you believe you cannot have, or something that you think is wrong to even want, creates an internal tug-of-war, which is unpleasant to say the least. If you have ever felt like you are tearing yourself apart over something that is important to you, then you know what I mean.

The only way to stop this inner turmoil is to train yourself, little by little, to believe in your dreams. Stop fighting against your dreams by continuing to think thoughts that oppose them, and start allowing yourself to begin moving gradually in the direction you want to go.


If you can go from absolute disbelief in the possibility of something that you want actually happening, to the less crushing attitude of just doubting that it could happen, this is progress! There is less polar- opposite tension between desire and doubt than between desire and disbelief.

When you make this first small but significant step towards learning to believe in your dreams, congratulate yourself! This is all you need to do. Keep moving one step at a time in the direction where your beliefs will support and match your desires, rather than pulling against them.


From the position of doubt, it is then an achievable step to begin hoping that your dream may be possible. This gradual movement is what Abraham Hicks calls moving up the emotional scale. The higher end of the scale starting from hope is not only more conducive to the fulfillment of your dreams; it also feels a lot better!

Having brought yourself to an attitude of hoping that you can have what you want, you can train your thinking into increasingly more optimism. Continuing along this path with focus and determination can eventually lead you to the point of belief.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful Universal principle. It states that things with a similar energy are drawn to each other. In other words, like attracts like. This means that if you have consistently doubtful habits of thought, more things will occur in your life that confirm and help to continue the feeling of doubt. By practicing thoughts of hope or optimism, you allow Law of Attraction to bring you things that are a match to these more positive emotions.


The good news is that as you start to become more hopeful and optimistic about your dreams, Law of Attraction will begin bringing things into your reality that support your improving beliefs. It will probably not be a full-fledged fulfillment of your dream, but things will begin moving in a direction that shows you some tangible glimpses of it.

Even though, as Wayne Dyer put it, “You’ll see it when you believe it,” working towards believing it, and then seeing some physical evidence of your progress definitely helps to strengthen the belief that you are in the process of creating. 

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