Actions and results are inextricably linked, and it is important to understand the relationship between them, and create a mindset that focuses on enjoying the actions, rather than approaching life with an “Are we there yet?” mentality.

Deciding to really make the most and the best of whatever course of action you find yourself on allows the results to flow naturally, and makes the journey an equally fun and rewarding part, not the arduous part that is endured simply to reach a destination.


A quote that really sums up a great mindset about actions and results comes from Hugh Prather; “To live for results would be to sentence myself to continuous frustration. My only sure reward is in my actions and not from them.”

This is so true, and such an important principle in creating lives of fulfillment and satisfaction. There is never any guarantee of a certain result, so if we are holding out for results before we allow ourselves to feel satisfied we are putting ourselves in a position of both powerlessness and suspended reality.


The powerlessness comes from feeling that our reward can only come from an outcome that we have no way of guaranteeing. If we decide to claim the reward of enjoyment and fulfillment from the action we are currently taking, we reclaim our power. The added bonus is that in doing this, we not only get to feel good right now, but in feeling good, by the Law of Attraction, we also draw more things to ourselves that match the good feelings we are experiencing. Thereby we are affecting our results (short and long term) in the most powerful way possible.


The state of suspended reality comes from living in the future, and as a matter of fact, the future never comes. When tomorrow gets here, it will be today. The only time we can ever feel good is now, so stop making your good feelings conditional on some future outcome that may or may not materialize in exactly the way you think it should, and that exists in a time that you do not.

When we fail to practice experiencing satisfaction in the only moment we ever have - this moment right now – we do not develop our ability to be satisfied. What this means, is that even if we do attain the results that we are holding out for, we usually find that the feeling we expected them to bring is somehow missing.

This is not because the results themselves are anything less than we wanted, it is just that we are not used to feeling fulfilled, we are used to feeling incomplete, and this tends to have become our default emotional setting. Even if our results do bring us a momentary feeling of triumph and elation, we usually find that we quickly revert to the default setting where our emotions are most practiced.


When we practice taking the actions that feel good to us now, and allowing ourselves to enjoy the rewards of these actions right now, we begin creating a life where the actions bring us so much fulfillment that the results simply become icing on the cake. The additional benefit to this is that when we are creating a delicious cake with our continued actions and enjoyment, it is not much of a stretch to be able to smother that cake with luscious icing – it is simply a natural progression.

In our prolonged state of satisfaction, the results we desire, or even better than we could have imagined, cannot fail to materialize as the natural outcome of living moment to moment truly in touch with the fullness of who we are, what we want, and our very reason for being.

As you seek to get the most from your actions and results, and from your life, remember that positive, inspired action is its own reward.

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