I'm Amanda Harvey, and for as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for personal development and empowerment. My focus has always been on making life as good as it can be, both for myself and others.

Life experience

Early in my career, I expressed this focus through teaching ballroom dancing. I loved the way that it helped people come alive and take their minds off their everyday worries, as well as giving them confidence and bringing them joy.

After managing a dance studio in Sydney, Australia for a few years, my desire to experience more of the world started me on the journey of living abroad with my new husband (not so new anymore…. married 22 years in 2020).

Having completed my Masters Degree in Communications, my career developed as a coach and trainer with both individuals and companies. After several years in various parts of Europe, our wanderlust led us to Asia, and we have been living in Taiwan since just before the arrival of the first of our three children in 2004.

My first book, related to overcoming the stigma of depression, was published in Australia in 2000. Since then I have written several books, and hundreds of articles.

I ran a successful online life coaching business, choosing-life-my-way.com, from 2010 to 2015. The work I did with people through the site, and the feedback I got was wonderful (I’m sharing a few snippets with you below), but time constraints led me to close down the site in 2015. With the increased demand for in-person services for local clients, and the time I wanted to spend with my growing family, I followed my own advice: We can have it all, but not always all at once.

some feedback from readers and clients

Super-talented graphic artist, Ali Najafi created a pictorial interpretation of the four steps presented in my audio series, “Master Your Destiny.” This one is "Making the Decision."

Amanda -
I just wanted to write to say a HUGE thank you.  It really is true that when
the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I was really skeptical/nervous
about doing this sort of online coaching, but it has turned out to be
exactly what I needed.  You have proven an exceptionally skilled guide -
your ability to process a lot of information and provide excellent
suggestions for next steps is impressive.  Your recordings are so much more
effective than anything I have tried in the past.  I really think that the
combination of the relationship with you, the personalized recordings, and
my work has created an important support base that will help me achieve
goals that had seemed impossible just a few months ago.  In fact, it already
has, as we both know.
I wanted to write this today and hope you will be able to use it as a
With gratitude,

Wow, Amanda, this site is an extraordinary, treasure filled resource - just about a "bible for living." Thank you ever so much for putting it together. Graeme

Hi Amanda, I told my daughter how pleased I was with the sessions.  Thank you so much with supporting me in possibilities.

Thank you so much Amanda,, I thank you for being what you are,, and helping so many people ,, You are an inspiration,, Thank you, Mike

Hello Amanda,

I just wanted to send you a note because last year I had written to you at a time when I was very down and struggling with new motherhood. You were very kind to me in writing back with solid wisdom.  I have never forgotten your kindness and wanted to tell you you were of great comfort.

Best, Stella

AND NOW.....

Fast forward to 2020 and I am now launching mindsettable.com, my brand new site. With all the years of rich and varied experience, I am focusing on bringing to you the most valuable, specific and effective form of training that I have discovered. Mindset training zeroes in on the biggest factor that determines the success or failure of anything that we undertake, and I am so excited to work with people like you, who know that our lives can be as amazing as we want them to be. If we only decide to make it so.

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